Meet Our Team

Making Magnolia Park Feel Like Home


Traci: Lease manager + house mom

Hi, I'm Traci and everyday I'm committed to making Magnolia Park your home away from home, which is fitting since my own daughter lived at Magnolia Park a few years ago, before I started working here as the leasing manager.

Previously, I was a pre K teacher and always loved working with kids. Here at Magnolia, I get to work with big kids everyday and create fun events and weekly programming to build community and life long friendships between the more than 400 residents.

This place is one big friend family so my job is a real joy.

My favorite part of the day is breakfast nook, where we have a free cereal bar + coffee bar so everyone comes to hang out before catching the shuttle for morning classes. 

  • Fun fact about me:  I change my bed sheets daily.
  • Favorite quote:  "It is what it is."

Tonya: Property manager

Hi, I'm Tonya and just moved over to Milledgeville so I'm excited to learn about all the best places to see and eat. After 24 years in the corporate payroll world, I was ready for something different.

As the Property Manager at Magnolia Park, I get to feel productive and nurturing and it keeps me young to hang out with so many of you everyday.

A fun fact about me: I ran my first 5K when I was 45 years old and am always looking for a challenge.

My motto is "don't sweat the small stuff" because I think life is too fun to be stressed = ).

Looking forward to meeting you in person, so come on over to the office and say hello. 

Ten years ago, we looked at a few acres of land west of the school and decided we wanted to build the most beautiful student housing project Milledgeville had ever seen.

After 11 months of construction, we revealed state of the art buildings, the largest pool in town, unlimited utilities that housed 400 students.

Our decorator went to town with Traditional Southern style and very quickly, we sold out year after year. Sure we had the most beautiful buildings, but it was our home away from home culture that kept students returning year after year. 

Our History

The Story Of How We Started